Lovely Lips & Swaying Hips

                        A collection full of kisses!

Hey there. This is Kylie_Fanatic and welcome to my collection site. I'm going to devote this site first to all my Jynx & Smoochum merchandise and then later on add my other side collections. You'll probably see some errors or typos, so when you see them feel free to let me know! ^.^ Go ahead and take a look around and enjoy your stay! :D


                                 Latest Updates

Very huge update! Kept waiting on the next box to come in, then the next box, then the next box, etc. I have to learn not to wait so long so the updates won't be so huge and time consuming! Added 60 new items. With this update I'll also be counting how many different Smoochum and Jynx items I have. Not including multiples. :)
 Current item count: 221
Finished off the flats page. Every Jynx & Smoochum item I have in my possession is now on the site! Yay! I'll be meeting with Snowball21 this weekend and I'll be getting some new additions to post. ^.^
First Update Yay! I need to finish off NonFlats so I can add the flats page! lol