Lovely Lips & Swaying Hips


Rare Jynx Holo Amada Sticker
This is probably my favorite Jynx flat item I have. I say this because of the awesome unique pose and probably how rare it actually is. I only caught a glimpse of what looked like to be a Jynx body on a gold background in a big lot of stickers. I'm lucky to have found something so amazing in such good condition! <3
Old Jynx Amada Stickers
The Jynx Double-Slapping the crap out of Meowth is hilarious. lol Huge lips kiss in regular and in holo version. If the other has a holo I need it.
Updated Jynx Amada Stickers
Same pose. Different colors. lol She's had so many changes over the years. Newly added the clear version to the group. Is it considered a DX sticker? Not sure.
First Gen Series Jynx Sticker & US Jynx Sticker
On the left side is Ken Sugimori's first Jynx art. And the sticker on the right is from those American sticker packs in the silver packaging, remember those?
Smoochum Amada Stickers
Really happy Smoochum up top! :D ^.^ :D!!! Bottom two look slightly different.
Jynx Pan Stickers
Yay, the third one has a unique pose! I wonder if there are any more? Recently added the Jynx in the middle with the pink bubble.
Smoochum Pan Stickers
So many of Smoochum. I love the Smoochum wiggling on her butt!
Shiny Meiji Smoochum & Jynx Sticker
Smoochum takes the spotlight here. lol
I love the shinyness and cute heart background.
Smoochum Pokemon Time Sticker
Love the Pokemon Time artwork. One day I want to get a custome Pokemon Time plush. Didn't actually know this existed as I haven't seen it on YJ ever, but my middleman told me it was at the Center and picked them off for me! ^.^
Pink Smoochum Sticker
Pretty good sized sticker. Featuring some artwork that's not usually seen.
She seems to be jumping. Cute! :D
Huge Screaming Jynx Sticker
D: You've gone and pissed her off again! Ahhhhh! Run!
This baby is humongous and full of anger! xD
 Jynx Sticker Cards
First gen sticker cards featuring Rougela's old artwork.
Jynx Long Sticker Sheets
I totally have a good eye for catching Jynx flats. This came from a huge sticker lot and the Jynx image I saw was very very small and blurry. lol The left one is silly. It's all sorted out by colors, but then you get to purple and switches over to evolution line. Right side Jynx is using her signature Lovely Kiss!
Smoochum Long Sticker Sheet
Featuring some G/S/C favorites. Babies, T-tar, Murkrow! <3
Cool sheet that I won off Mbok.
Psychic Pokemon Long Sticker Sheet Feat. Jynx
Eeeee! So cool! I saw this on YJ when I didn't have any extra money for an expensive price and let it go. When only to find it not even a week later on mbok and won it really cheap. ^.^ So very cool and shiny, which is why it's kind of curling. Yet again, Jynx and Slowbro together too. Hehe.
Pokemon Christmas 2005 Sticker Sheet
Look at all the cute artwork! Featuring some of my other side collections too (Roselia, Spinda). Bottom right you can see little Smoochum with a candy cane in her hand. This sheet also features very cute Pokedoll-like artwork. Just look at the Ludicolo and Kirlia! Was very happy to get this. Full of cutenss and I love cutness!
Pocket Monster Illustrated Guide Book No. 10
 Featuring Smoochum! These are very cool I think and I'm been after the one that features Jynx forever! I've seen this one multiple times, but I'm looking for the one now with Delibird on the cover. ^.^
Advanced Gen Pokedex Booklet Thing?
I got this in a lot because it reminded me of the Illustrated Johto guides. It came unattached and cut out like that. :( But I had to get it because it has Jynx on it and I have never seen it before. If you have any info on a complete booklet like this or have one for sale please let me know.
Meiji Shiny Rock, Paper, Scissors Sticker Squares
Meiji has some seriously awesome/random stickers.
And a lot of times they are shiny and shiny things = <3.
BIG Pink Sticker Sheet
Don't know the origin on of this sheet. But it says BIG on it and it's pink! Two things I love. xD Has a small screaming Jynx on front, but not until after purchase did I know that the back had Jynx and her silhouette on it too!
Jynx Pokemon Snap Sticker Sheet
Look at those hips sway! This came in a Pokemon Snap sticker sheet holder.
You'll see it pictured below and it now holds all my 'post card' sized flats.
Smoochum Trozei! Stickers
I never played this game! xD Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!
ANA 2000 Smoochum Stickers
If Smoochum is featured on ANA 2000 stickers and case then that means I need to find a mini ANA airplane with Smoochum on it. lol

                                 Trading Cards

Vending Series 2 Jynx & Natta Wake Comic #3 Jynx
I love both of these so much! It's the same exact card with different releases. The Vending Machine Series 2 was released in June of 1998. Vending Machine Series cards are very cool. They come on sheets that you peel off the cards from. The rerelease Promo card on the right is from Natta Wake's 'Why I Turned Into A Pokemon Card' Comic #3. Released in February of 2002. I have a perfect condition comic I won of eBay which you'll see below! ^.^

CoroCoro Promo Jynx & TCG Video Introduction Set Jynx
First one was released in the April 1998 of CoroCoro Magazine which I need a copy of by the way. Second one is from the TCG Video Introduction Set. It came with three decks: Squirtle, Charmander, & Bulbasaur. If you look at her symbol, you see she's from the Bulbasaur deck! Which I also need. lol

 CoroCoro Promo Smoochum

This one came in the December 2000 issue of CoroCoro Magazine. Also need a copy of this one if you have it! D:

Base Set, Base Set 2, & Legendary Collection Jynx All the same, but slightly different. *blinded by LC reverse holo* lol

 Gym Heroes & Gym Challenge Jynx

Sabrina likes her Jynx, so do I! Also, bonus card - Koga's Tangela is braiding Sabrina's Jynx's hair! Hehe! This counts too! xD

Neo Revelation Smoochum & Jynx Smoochum in a crib and Jynx creeping through your window at night to give you a good night kiss! Muah! xD

Expedition Base Set Jynx
Why didn't this set feauture a Smoochum? >.>
And damn attacks use to be so bad lol

Aquapolis Smoochum & JynxSmoochum at a window sill and another pissed off Jynx.
This time she's throwing a Snowball(21). lololol

Unseen Forces Smoochum & Jynx
Clay Smoochum and another Jynx on a beach. Don't you think they'd like melt? lol

Dragon Frontiers Smoochum & Jynx Fire type Lips & Hips! :o Maybe these are the ones on the beaches. lol

Secret Wonders Smoochum & Jynx

 These feature the most current and accurate Jynx on a TCG card. lol

Legend: HeartGold & SoulSilver Smoochum, Jynx, & Pokemon Collector

Very cool artwork on these new cards! Unfortunately Smoochum lost her holo coming over to the US. Also, finally there's a Smoochum on a Supporter card. It's such a good card too! ^.^ Still waiting on the JP Smoochum Reverse and the JP Regular/Reverse of Pokemon Collector.

VS Series Jynx  Clair & Will both have a Jynx too. Everyone should want a Jynx! <3 lol

US Topps Jynx Card

The regular and the 'Chrome' version. Screaming! D: lol

Kellogs CA Card & French Topps Jynx Card

I won the Kellogs Card in an auction on the community and the French Topps card was a freebie from someone. I couldn't wait to trade away my Poliwhirl for Jynx! <3

Meiji Promo, Cardass, & Green Monsters Collection Jynx  Meiji Promo is shiny! Cardass looks long! Monster Collection's hair is white! D:

Red Monsters Collection Jynx & Unknown Jynx Card

I'm not sure if the 'Monsters Collection' cards are old Kid inserts or anything.
And I don't know about the other one, just saw it in a lot.
Does have a Moon Ball & a Friend ball though! :D

Smoochum & Jynx from Unknown
I really don't know the exact name of these cards. Any help is appreciated.
They feature what generation they were introduced by their names.

Smoochum Giant Card Unknown

Prior to my last update all I had was the Smoochum up. I did have two in my collection though. I asked for any information about these and someone told me that if I pulled up the sheet from the red arrow the Pokemon would 'evolve'.
Well lucky I got myself two! Pulled the 2nd one
and adorable pinkness turned to angry purpleness! :D


Smoochum Pokedoll Art Postcard
OMGAWSH SO CUTE POKEDOLL ARTWORK! D: *dies*I need merch with it!

G/S Pokemon Stationery Featuring Smoochum
Tons of sheets featuring tons of cool G/S Pokes. Smoochum, Umbreon, Larvitar. <3

Meiji 3D Flippy Cards

It was so hard to get good pics of the Smoochum side! xD Dont' know why. lol
I love the first one with the hearts! So freaking adorable! <3


First of all, let out a squeal for how freaking adorable all this art is! Geisha Jynx! AND THE SLEEPY SCENE!?!? OMG! *dies* So cute! The last postcard has a painting done by Smeargle featuring Jynx in case you couldn't find the lips or hips. Recently added the Halloween scene. I first missed out on one of those in someone's sales, but then eventually won one in another community member's auction post. ^.^


I love the first one so much! The background is so cool! I can't get myself to pull apart any of these unless I get multiples. lol Have any?

Postage Stamps

Yes, there is a Jynx on the top left of the first one. She's hiding behind the Slowbro.
These sheets are cool because they feature a lot of my favorite Pokemon. Lapras, Aerodactyl, Exeggutor. <3

Natta Wake's 'Why I Turned Into A Pokemon Card' Comic #3
So freaking awesome! I found this guy on eBay and won him cheap. It's in perfect condition and I love the artwork inside. Jynx & Articuno are pissed at eachother!

 Pokemon Movie 3 Comic
Has the Pikachu skit inside and also features a Smoochum sticker!

Mini Notepad Featuring Smoochum & Jynx

Yeah, I'm weird like that and go after every little thing that has Jynx or Smoochum.

Pokemon Daily Calendar Sheet Featuring Jynx
Was a freebie from someone on the community.
Should April 10th be National Jynx day? lol

Smoochum Settei
I guess this printed copy is as close as we are going to get to cels these days.


Here we have assorted game pieces, Smoochum & Jynx Menko cards, Jynx Kid Sticker, Nurse Joy's Jynx Pog, & Jynx about to rape a Pikachu movie viewer thingy. lol Newest additions would be the old Smoochum & Jynx kid inserts. Another Jynx pog/coin and the Jynx Pokeball sticker. Also the Smoochum standup & Smoochum Fitness card.

Binders and Things That Hold My Flats

 Psychic Pokemon Mini Folder

This thing holds all my medium sized items. So awesome. Features all psychic Pokemon except there's a random Pikachu in the center. *kills it*

 Christmas Theme Seal Holder

Yeah, a cool thing to hold all my small flat items. The back (right side) is so amazing. I wish ti was the front instead! D:

 Pokemon Snap Sticker Sheet Holder

Doesn't feature Jynx, but still cool! Holds all my 'postcard' sized items.

Darkrai POP Binder
Why am I picturing this? Because I'm telling you I need a binder that has Smoochum or Jynx on in it! D: This holds all TCG sized items.