Lovely Lips & Swaying Hips

                             Jynx & Smoochum

Jynx is my all time favorite Pokémon. She has been ever since the begining, when you could only get her as Lola. I couldn't wait to get a Poliwhirl just to trade it away for her the second after. So of course when she had her baby form announced, Smoochum, I fell in love with her instantly too!
I love them for their unique typing of Ice and Psychic which they only share with one another. Their signature move, Lovely Kiss! <3 I love everything about them! They way they act in the anime, everything!
I plan on collecting at least one of every single piece of Jynx & Smoochum merchandise out there. Flat items and all. It's going to be a big feat, but I believe i have a lot already and I'm excited to share it with you guys. ^.^
Also, I'm disliking this group photo so I'm going to have to redo it soon. Everything should be crammed together more. >.>
 Jynx #124
"It seductively wiggles its hips as it walks.
It can cause people to dance in unison with it."
Smoochum #238
"Its lips are the most sensitive parts on its body.
It always uses its lips first to examine things."
Dirty. ;D
Ok, now onto the collection!


Smoochum Pokédoll

Probably the rarest piece of Smoochum merch I own. So FREAKING ADORABLE! Ahhhh! Can't stand the cuteness. She's the only GS Baby Pokédoll not to get a US release. She's dated 2002. I thought I would never get my hands on her when I discovered her existence, only to wait a few months for my good friends Snowball21 & Fernchu to find and ID her in a plush lot on Y!J. I love you guys! <3

Smoochum UFO

Eeee! Tagged one! You see an tagless one up every so often on Y!J, but it's hard to come by a tagged one. When I was new to collecting, two friends of mine purchased a highly expensive tagless one off eBay for me for Christmas. I didn't even know it existed at the time! Made by Banpresto and dated 2001.

Smoochum Mascot

Smallest/happiest Smoochum plush in exsistence! lol
This little one is made by TOMY and dated 2002.

 Jynx Pokédoll
Artist: Usako_Chan

EEEEEEE!!! This plush is so amazing! I love it! I've been following Usako's work forever and have always wanted to commission her. This was a gift from my friend Snowball21 for my birthday. It's what I always would have imagined for a Jynx Pokédoll! Her dress is all awesome and flowy, her lips are all seductive and pink! <3<3 Love it!

First Ever Custom Jynx Plush
Artist: Unknown

This was a 08 Christmas gift from my friend Snowball21. I love him so much for getting me a custom Jynx plush! It means so much to me. It's my first Jynx plush and it was a total surprise when I got her! <3<3

 I'm also trying to collect as many Jynx and Smoochum plush as I can so I can have
adorable army full of kisses and pink to take over the world! Haha! <3 Here's what I have as of 02-06-10!


Orange Dress/Black Face Jynx Kid

The original Jynx Kid & it's clear variant. Dated 1997.

Red Dress/Black Face Kid

So they got her dress color right, but something's still not right... dated 1997.
If she has one, I need the clear variant! D:

Red Dress/Purple Face Kid

Yay! They got it good! Red dress, purple face/hands, and pink lips!
Love it! Clear variant and sealed kid too. The clear is very rare, I've only ever seen it once on Y!J and I believe I paid like 6800 yen for mine. >.> I'll never ever know what's in that box either. lol Dated 2006.

Christmas Jynx Kid

Santa's Jynx! She comes from a series full of anime themed kids. Dated 1998.

Smoochum Kid

 Such a cutie! The clear variant is a very rare find. I'm lucky, mine went pretty cheap and is near mint condition! Dated 2001.

 Jynx TOMY MC Figure

Eeee! Two different sealed versions. The bubble one with Mr. Mime is dated 1998. And the single lady on the right is not marked with a date!
Jynx deserves an updated version!

Smoochum TOMY MC Figure

Cutie pie! The box set are all Pokemon featured from Pokemon 3's Pikachu skit. That's tuft hair Pichu TOMY by the way. Dated 2000. Single baby on the right is not dated either... why don't the single ones have dates?!? lol

 Bootleg TOMY MC Figure

As gross as this looks I had to get it! Has a cool background story too:
This is my first piece of bootleg merch I've ever bought! lol It's a cool story too. Back in October 09, I went to see my other obsession, Kylie Minogue!!! Her first ever North American tour in Toronto, CA. It was so amazing! I died, cried, came back to life again, died of happiness again, danced and sang my ass off! lol It was amazing! Anyways, one day while in Toronto we went and visited China Town. Of course, went into the huge China Super Mall thing and they had bootleg TOMYs! Haha, couldn't miss out on her for $1!

Jynx Smoochum Zukan

 Zukans are some of the most highly detailed wonderful figures. Even though the Smoochum is so small, it's painted so well. They are all 1/40 of their actual size. Jynx zukan is one of my favorite figures. Just so freaking awesome! Love it!

 Original Pose Jynx Full Color Stadium

Always has her left hand on her boobie
and the right one going to grab you... naughty!

Lovely Kiss Jynx Full Color Stadium

She's winking and blowing a kiss, so I say it must be Lovely Kiss! Muah!

Meditate Jynx Full Color Stadium

This one to me looks like she's using Meditate,
for all those physical attacks she never should use. Other than Double Slap because she's awesome when she uses that. lol

Smoochum Battle Museum

She comes from a series of figures that are using attacks.
I think she's using Sweet Kiss. ;D

 Metal Collection Jynx Figures


Little metal figures! The purple one is my favorite, but I wish she was in as good of a condition as my bronze one. I need any other colors that our possibly out there!

Mini Model Jynx Figures

There's a full rainbow of 22+ colors and these figures share the same pose as the original Jynx Full Color Stadium and I want every color that I don't have! D:
Please let me know if you have any for sale! :D

Smoochum 'Grabby Hands' Figure

Not sure about the origin of this figure, but I love it! Gimme gimme lips, gimme hips, gimme gimme! lol It's one of the two items that my rival and friend Smoochum collector, Jax, has in her collection that I didn't have. That's one off the list! ^.^  Also, if you have any info on this that would be cool too.

In Case Collection Jynx

Chibified and in her traditional pose. This series can stack on top of each other and connect at the bases. I obtained my first in case figure from Fernchu. Thanks! ^.^

In Case Christmas Jynx


Boys and girls you better be asleep when Santa arrives or else you'll be getting a Lovely Kiss from his helper. ;) But maybe you want that? *shrugs*

In Case Christmas Scene Feat. Smoochum

I know what you're thinking. Why does this guy have a Diglett Christmas In Case figure in his Jynx/Smoochum collection? Right? Look behind the Dugtrio-man!
It's a itty bitty Smoochum by the Staryu-man. This counts! xD

Jynx Magnet Figure

This is a very interesting item. It's a gashapon toy that Snowball21 found for me. He was going to try and hold out to give it to me for Christmas, but he couldnt' resist. Hehe. The base is magnetic and you attach the metal Jynx & Pokemon Center to it. Cool! lol

Jynx Megablok

Yay! I'm so happy Jynx had a Megablok made of her.
On the sides are her arms and on the back is the rest of her hair.

Smoochum Candy Tin

I guess this can go with figures, there's a mini figure on top. lol I got mine sealed, but had to take it out of the box because of it's ultra cuteness.
Comes with ancient candy inside. Yum!

                      Keychains, Stamps, & Pins

Jynx Mirror Keychain
 I love this keychain! You can't really see yourself well in the mirror, but I love the big Jynx lips and hearts on it. If I wore lipstick I'd carry around my extra one with me for application on the go! Haha. lol
Jynx Swing Keychain
Screaming Jynx! Haha, you pissed her off! She's about to let out a blizzard!
Smoochum Swing Keychain
Oh man! This is so incredibly awesome, rare, and MIP! :D For any one who collects a second gen, you know how rare these swing keychains can be. I have to thank my good friend unknownrevenge for pointing this baby out to me in a lot on Bidders! Before she found it for me I never even seen a picture as proof of her existence! Just always assumed! Thanks so much! <3
Jynx & Smoochum Johtodex Charms
I guess that's what you call them, right? Johtodex Charms? Anywho, these are the most recently made merchandise of Smoochum & Jynx. The Smoochum has an absolutely adorable and innocent pose! <3 Love it!
Jynx Soft Keyholder
Her hands are green and her hair is really tall. >.> lol I'm glad I've the sealed one.
Jynx Super Ball Viewer Keychain
If you look through the hole on the front of the Super Ball you'll see the best most awesome amazing Pokemon ever!
See for yourself:
See!?!? lol
Base Set Jynx In Toploader Keychain
I've no idea if it's official or custom so until I find out she'll remain here.
Smoochum 'Pokemon Time' Strap
Awwwww! Look at those eyes and those baby lips! So freaking cute! Yay for new Smoochum merchandise! I've multiples and one's currently residing on my Instinct.
Smoochum TOMY Keychain
This girlie looks more curious/happy then the actual TOMY figure.
Why isn't there a Jynx one????? D:
Smoochum TOMY Clip
Very cute clip! Found in a huge lot that I had to pay way too much for, but I've never seen this before and it was so worth it!
Smoochum & Pichu On A Log Keychain
Yeah, I don't know why they're on a log. But whatever, it's cute. lol
Smoochum Light Up Keyholder
If you push her face in the light shines so you can see where
you're sticking your key in the dark! lol Mean, but helpful!
151 Series Jynx Stamp
Same figure as the original Jynx FCS.
This stamp features the very first Jynx Ken Sugimori artwork. Cool! :D
Chibi Jynx Stamp
Chibi! Same figure as the In Case Collection Jynx. Why do they like to reuse figures so? lol By the way, I need the green & blue base ones.
Red Rubber Jynx Stamp
 I have no idea what this is from, but it's awesome
because it has screaming Jynx on it.  lol
151 Jynx Badge
 Jynx looking out of a heart. lol With blue hands.
I think they could have had some cooler artwork on this.
Pokemon 2000 Pin Set
I found this set randomly on eBay for like $8 shipped.
I wish they would've had multiple so I can use that awesome pin! D:

                               Muchul Couture

What is Muchul Couture? Well, first off Muchul is Smoochum in Japanese. So you get Smoochum Couture. It's a festival or campaign that Japanese Pokemon Centers had I believe around August of 2002. There are tons of things from this festival that I don't have and have never seen on Y!J. The Smoochum featured on the products wears a cute pink polka-dot bow. A lot of the items also feature adorable Smoochum lips all over it. Some of these things include a big tote bag, a big mirror stand, a Smoochum & lips brooch, a mini towel, and so much more! I only have stock photos I found using the internet archive that you can see in my wants page. I hope to one day collect as much as I can from this festival, but I know it's going to be a long and pricey challenge. Here's what I've obtained so far.

 Muchul Couture Diary Notebook


I am so lucky to have found this on Y!J. I didn't even know it existed. It is so amazing and adorable. Probably one of my favorite Smoochum items. It's in perfect condition too! I love all the pink and purple lips and hearts.
Smoochum silhouette in the middle of the page, lip borders, and two different
'Muchul Couture' Smoochum poses!  Love it! <3<3<3

Muchul Couture Can Badge Set

Yet another piece of Muchul Couture merchandise I didn't know existed.
I assumed, but never had a picture. Another lucky find - and it's freaking sealed in awesome condition! *dies of amazingness* lol

Muchul Couture Swing Keychain

The third item in my Muchul Couture collection. This piece I also hadn't known existed before I found it on YJ.  Her bottom can swing back and forth, just like a real Smoochum would wobble around while she walks. Hehe. Cuties!

                               Pokémon Mini

'Smoochum Purple' Pokémon Mini System
Awesome! Yay for Smoochum to a featured Pokémon for the Mini. That means of course there's tons of purple/Smoochum themed stuff that I have to go after. I don't have anything really yet, but I plan on getting as much as I can.
Clear Pokémon Mini Strap
Adorable strap that features the silhouettes of all the Pokémon featured on the single Pokémon Mini straps. Pichu is on the reverse side.


Mini Seal Book
Mini Seal Book Unfolded
I found this awesome item out of a random lot of Pokémon Stadium & dirty Mew items. It's a mini seal book, that features stickers of all the human shaped 1st gen Psychic Pokémon and a Master Ball. Love random lots filled with something so cool!
Pokemon Christmas 2000 Dinner  Size Plate
Box With Plush Plush Artwork
Such a cute plate! Found this wonderful baby on Mbok.
So cool! Cutie pie Smoochum is holding a stocking on the chair.
Girafarig is hiding in the back, Flareon is holding a stocking too.
And the box it came in is cool because it features Plush Plush on it.
Pokemon Christmas 2000 Saucer Size Plates
Box With Smoochum Silhouette
Both are incredibly adorable! First one has Smoochum jumping out of a present with some other 2nd gen Pokes. And the second one has little Smoochum Pokedoll on the bottom! And this box also featured a Smoochum on it. Very cool.
Pokémon Red & Green Bandana
This is the only bandana I have featuring Jynx. It's old too, dated 1995. So many cool Pokémon on there. They're lucky to be featured with Jynx. :)
Christmas Jynx Ornament
I saw the sealed box set on eBay years ago when I wasn't a big collector.
Now I'm pissed I didn't go after it. >.> lol
Jynx Pokérom
Randomly found this on eBay. So cool, didn't know she had one made of her! Features a silly memory math equation puzzle that you must complete in order to print out a black & white Jynx coloring page. lol Yay!
Jynx Dice
This comes from a gashapon set that has solid colored dice with 6 different stickers to apply to the sides. The other sides of the Jynx set include Pikachu, Articuno, Squirtle, Blastoise, & Dratini. Cool!
Jynx Marble
This is the only one I have from the series and it's kind of beat up. If you have a good condition one let me know and I'm also looking for any other color variants.
American Jynx Battling Coin
Found this on Screaming Jynx with Sing! attack. lol
Smoochum Battling Coin
Yes the little girl is beat and lost her cover. :'( But this is the first time I ever seen 2nd gen Battling Coins and happy to have her even in this condition. If you have a better looking one than this for sale please let me know. ^.^
Japanese Jynx Battle Coin
Came kind of dinged up, but I'm sure they flipped it with love all the time. <3
Smoochum & Jynx Dominoes
Don't know what they're from, but they have my girls on them.
'The Screen Actor's Guilt' JP VHS
I don't have a VHS player so I haven't been able to watch this yet. Smoochum on the front is so cute! Not sure what else could possibly on the VHS.
Pokemon Trozei Tin & Magnet Sheet
Trozei art! I also have the Smoochum Trozei sticker located in my flats section.
Still never played this game before. lol
Second Generation Pokemon Tin Featuring Smoochum
 I saw this tin in a Japanese collection site while roaming for pictures for the Smoochum Pokemon Mini strap. I saved it to my want pictures folder never really expecting to find it, but it turned up in a random lot with some reversible Pokemon-to Pokeball plush. Front and back have the same image.
Meowth Campaign Osaka 2008 Items Featuring Jynx

Clear File
Very cute scene featuring Jynx. I'm sure she has a cute handbag like Squirtle or Pikachu, you just can't see it. lol I like the cityscape with all the Pokemon on the buildings. The Claydol floating around! I'm assuming it's a hot air balloon, but it could be a real Claydol. Looking for any other items from this promotion. Pictures of anything is helpful too!
'97 Summer Shogakukan Comic Fair Clear File
Don't know anything more about this than what the clear file tells me. Saw it in a lot and that it had a Jynx on it so I won it cheap. lol I've never seen the comic that features Jynx in it with that scary man-Clefairy-thing. If you have any info about it, let me know.
ANA Airplane Case Feat. Smoochum
Got this from the same seller who had the dominoes. I'm guessing like a mini ANA airplane came in it or something. I bet it had Smoochum on it! D: Well, at least I have the case which has and outline of Smoochum on a cloud! This counts too! xD
Pokemon TCG Starter Intro Half Decks
Only the Bulba/Squirt one features a Jynx card. Smoochum is only featured on the box artwork of the Chika/Toto one. Thumbs up for that! ;) lol

                                   Non Plush Customs

Smoochum & Jynx Bead Sprites
Artist: shes_a_tiger from LJ

You know, the size of these are amazing! They're huge! Haha.