Lovely Lips & Swaying Hips

                                    Want List

Here I will be showing you pictures of everything that I've seen that features Smoochum or Jynx that I don't have. Like I said, I want at least one piece of everything and anything that features them on it. So if you ever see or if you have any of these items and want to sell them to me (of course you do! :D) please go to my Contact Me page and let me know. It would be greatly appreciated and I would love you forever! <3
The most 'Grail' like items for my collection would be any of the Smoochum Couture items I don't have and the Smoochum Pokemon Mini stuff. Including both versions of the straps and other purple/pink Mini things. Okay, here goes the list! ^.^
Muchul Couture (Smoochum Couture) Items
I want every possible thing from this campaign! Here's the best pictures I could find of what I know to be in the campaign. It's all so amazing! <3<3
From left to right we have:

1) Large Tote Bag 2) Make Up Case 3) Heart Shaped Pouch
4) Tissue Case 5) Mini Towel 6) Heart Shaped Keychain
7) Brooch 8) Stand Up Mirror 9) Heart Shaped Mirror & Comb Keychain
10) Mini Mirror & Comb Keychain 11) Nail Polish With Ring
12) Smoochum Couture Strap #1 13) Smoochum Couture Strap #2
Various Smoochum Couture Flats
This first one is amazing and I'd love to have it in my collection!
This flyer is also amazing and also features two other Smoochum Couture items I don't have good pictures of. The big pink bag on the left and the cup on the right.
Smoochum Purple Pokemon Mini Things
Top priority of this would be the two different Smoochum Pokemon Mini straps. That's right - TWO! The first one is the highest want. It has a pink strap! :D
The next strap is in this picture, with a black strap.
I also want any of the Smoochum Purple stuff featured here. Including T-shirt, Pokemon mini holder. Here's a better picture of the case.
 Anything else not listed that Pokemon Mini and Smoochum Purple related I would love as well! ^.^
Monthly Pikachu November 2005 Things
I'm looking for anything and everything from this. Here's the Pikachu plush from that month which I do want.
See the inside of the tag? It has Smoochum coming out from underneath the tablecloth. Here's the rest of the stuff that I have seen from the set which is a higher want than this plush.
Dice bag! So cool! That's a very high want!
 Then there's a whole set including tablecloth, cup, saucer, plate, container, etc. Here are some pictures! They're from a ex-community members collection that I would love to get my hands on one day. So very cool.
Pokedoll & Plush Plush Tin Featuring Smoochum Pokedoll Art
This tin is so amazing and is another very high want of mine. Smoochum Pokedoll art is very hard to come by. As of right now I only have one piece of merch in my collection that features it. This tin is very cool and I believe these pictures are from miss_fuu_chan's collection. Credit goes to her. ^.^ Very interested in this tin.
Smoochum Bell Keychain
Another very high want of mine. Picture is taken from a very old sales post from the community before I was a member. So very cool. Here's a picture of the other keychains that might be in the set with her.
Smoochum TFG Figure
 Bootleg or not! I'm on the look out for this figure. With base, without! Whatever! The bootleg sellers on eBay have been having a lot of the unreleased TFG figures. I've yet to see Smoochum, but she's bound to pop up some time. Very adorable! Winking and blowing a kiss with that heart! <3 Another high want and would be an awesome addition to my collection.
Smoochum Egg & Figure Strap/Keychain
This photo is taken from the collection of my rival Smoochum collector, Jax. It's the only item she has that I don't. It is the pink egg with the yellow lips and the figure with the yellow strap attached. I believe it's like a gashapon item, never seen it or any item like it on YJ though.
Jynx Chibi Mini Model All Colors
Below is the list of known mini model colors. Supposedly every first generation Pokemon had one of every color made. I'm always looking in lots to find any Jynx I don't have. I want any and every color that I don't have!
As of February 6th 2010 here is the current Mini Model colors I have.
Metal Collection Figures
As of February 6th 2010 here is the current Metal Collection colors I have. I believe I'm missing like a bright silver one, a bright gold one, and a dark metal one. Also interested in any colors not listed or any more info on what colors there are of these.
GREEN Base Jynx Chibi Stamp
I have the blue one coming in that I recently won. I'm actively searching the GREEN base one. :D
Pokemon Christmas 2000? Postcards? Featuring Smoochum
I'm not exactly sure what these are. Postcards? That's what I kind of think they are. The first one shown matches on of the Christmas plates I have in my collection. 
Pokemon Bandanna Featuring Smoochum
There's a Smoochum above the Larvitar! I promise. xD
Smoochum Bandaid
Probably impossible to obtain because of how old it is, but still really cool!
Various Flats & Stickers
Ahhhhh! All those Retsudens are so awesome! Especially the last Smoochum one! Need need need! lol
Old Red & Blue sticker sheet featuring old Jynx artwork! Very cool. Would love the page full and in tact.
 There's a lot of different stamp sheets that have Jynx on it. I believe this is one of the last that I need that I know about.
Closing of the Want List
Well, there's the stuff I have pictures of that I want. I'm also looking for anything that I have in my collection that isn't MIP or MIB that is MIP or MIB. lol I love perfect condition things. :D So example, I'm looking for MIB Smoochum/Jynx kids, etc.
If you have anything Smoochum or Jynx related that you don't see here or in my collection, feel free to contact me! I'm always looking to expand my collection! Thanks. :D